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Cupping with Movement

Developing a Personalized Strength Training Program to Improve Recovery after ACL Injury

Live Your Best

Measuring Clinical Recovery After Sport-Related Concussion – An International Perspective

Optimizing Your Concussion Assessment and Management Practices – Evidence Based Strategies for Evaluating Whole-Person Health & Wellbeing

Sport Event Massage for Allied Health Care Practitioners

Trauma-Informed Care in Athletic Therapy

Treating Sick Muscles After ACL Injury-Translating the Science into the Clinic

Muskuloskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound in Sports Medicine

Associations of Age of First Exposure Across Age Decades on Cognitive, Behavioral, and Physical Function Among Former National Football League Players

Biosignals of Sport Concussion - Jacob E Resch

Comparing two methodologies of knee flexor strength assessment in patients one year following primary ACL reconstruction

Comparing Visual Sensory Performance Outcomes in Special Operations Forces Combat Soldiers with or without Concussion History

Concussion Recovery Challenges and Consequences of Incomplete Recovery

Does quadriceps strength explain drop vertical jump ground reaction force asymmetry in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (aclr)

Dynamic neck strength as a potential screening tool for future concussion risk - A pilot study

Managing the Load - Optimal Strategies for in-season Patella Tendinopathy Care - Adam B Rosen

Relationship and Latent Factors Between Current Clinical Assessments and the Functional, Standardized Assessments of Reaction Time (StART) - A Prospective Cohort Study - Landon Lempke

Comparing two methodologies of knee flexor strength assessment in patients one-year following primary ACL reconstruction

Optimizing Exercise Interventions in Patellofemoral Pain