Meet Your Mentors

The mentorship breakfast is an opportunity for certification candidates and members certified in the last 5-7 years to network with and learn from experienced Athletic Therapists.

The following is a list of mentors to meet with during the mentorship breakfast!


  1. Glen Bergeron
  2. Michael Robinson
  3. Trish Scribbans
  4. Jackie Vandertuin


  1. Nicole Ainsworth
  2. James Gardiner
  3. Steve Sobczak
  4. Jason White
  5. Bonnie Sutter
  6. Micheal Gudmudson


  1. Becky Swan
  2. Courtney Van Beers
  3. Tyler Paturel
  4. Albert Ezaki
  5. Andrea Dowd
  6. Tim Takahasi
  7. Jonathan Sun
  8. Rebecca Henderson